Integrated Manual Therapy for fast Effective Relief from Pain, Inflammation

Treatments address complicated shoulder and hip conditions, involving therapeutic assessment and movement of the locomotor soft tissues to reduce or eliminate pain or dysfunction.

Our aim is to give you fast, effective relief from muscular pain, chronic or acute, migraine, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain.  Treatments are holistic, not only providing symptomatic relief, but also uncovering and treating underlying causes, whether physical, emotional, stress related.

Who it is for:  individuals wanting to transform relationship with their body, creating greater ease, freedom of movement, flexibility and fluidity.

Who it’s not for:  individuals wanting just another relaxation massage

To give you the most effective, lasting results, a combination of the following may be used:

  1. Remedial treatment – integrated manual therapy
  2. Reflexology
  3. Tissue Salts & Homeopathic Complexes
  4. Free appraisal and fitting – Step Forward Orthotics
  5. Ear Candling – for wellbeing and stress relief
  6. BodyTalk , consciousness/energy medicine – clinic or distance sessions available
  7. Body Code & Emotional Code – Advanced Energy Balancing system  that helps pinpoint any health imbalance and correct it in just minutes – distance session also available
  8. Emotional Field Therapy & Thought Field Therapy – clinic or distance sessions
  9. Phototherapy Acupuncture patches – safe, effective, drug free, no needles,  giving you rapid relief of pain & inflammation in less than 10 minutes, Glutathione Antioxidant Technology, and Phototherapy Glutathione
  10. Bach Flower Remedies
  11. Acugraph – electrodermal screening of organs/meridians measures the  energetic status of your acupuncture meridians, the ‘electrical flow of your body’,  showing which organs in your body are energetically in stress, this can be addressed with our treatments and acupuncture patches.

Ring or email now to book your treatment, on 0417 032 644

Clinic located in Moonee Ponds, off Mt. Alexander Rd. near Buckley St., address supplied on appointment

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Health is truly one of life’s greatest gifts…and our treatments offers a natural, effective, drug free means to enhance and maintain higher levels of health and balance.